Why Chesapeake, VA Real Estate is a Great Choice For Families

Everyone in the Tidewater area is labeling Chesapeake, VA as the “new Virginia Beach.” This is true for many reasons. The large, once rural city is vastly developing into a sizeable town great for raising a family.

One of the great benefits of living in Chesapeake is the school system. With many lower, middle and high schools to choose from, including the recently developed Grassfield High School, there are plenty of options for your child’s education. Several schools districts have been established in Chesapeake, so every school is within a reasonable distance from your home wherever you choose to live.

Suburban home communities are also a great benefit to Seven Cities Virginia living in Chesapeake. Just within the past few years several new neighborhoods have been developed. All of the housing is new, so there is little to no fear of moving into a home that requires repair or updated renovations. The neighborhood communities in Chesapeake are quiet, friendly, and perfect for children.

There is a nice separation between the residential communities and the shopping districts of Chesapeake. However, everything is relatively close together in Chesapeake. If you choose to live in Hickory area of Chesapeake, known for its rural neighborhoods, large back yards, and clean air, you won’t be far from the shopping centers at Greenbrier. While Chesapeake is a vastly sized city, everything within it is just minutes away from one another.

Benefits to living in Chesapeake are endless, but these three notable characteristics of Chesapeake are great reasons to raise your family there as opposed to the other seven cities of the Tidewater area.

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