What To Do If Your Doctor Says You Have Diabetes!

Sitting in a doctor’s office and getting bad news is never a good feeling. When the doctor looks at you and says that you have Type 2 Diabetes, your heart may pound with anxiety as you imagine the worst things that could happen such as blindness, losing a limb, taking daily insulin injections, kidney failure and even death. While all of these are potential outcomes of having Type 2 diabetes, they are not a foregone conclusion because many people can reverse the condition through major lifestyle changes.

Here are some tips for dealing with your new diagnosis and taking charge of your health:


  • Get a 2nd opinion: When a doctor tells you that you have life threatening illness like Type 2 diabetes, it is important to get a second opinion to make sure that the diagnosis is correct. It also never hurts to get another opinion about the potential treatment plan that your doctor is proposing.
  • Get the full details of your treatment plan: it’s important you ask the doctor to give you a full list of the medications and treatments that he or she is proposing for your Type 2 diabetes diagnosis. You want to make sure that the doctor is serious about helping you to treat the illness effectively without going overboard with the medications being prescribed. Also, ask your doctor how he feels about treating the disease naturally. There has been much research showing that many Type 2 diabetics were able to overcome their disease by making substantial lifestyle changes. If your doctor acts like this is not possible, it might be time to pick a new physician who believes in more natural methods.
  • Study: it’s important to take full control over your health care even if you trust your doctor. There are so many new, natural treatments for Type 2 diabetes that it makes sense to look into some of the vitamins and other supplements that you can take. Also, it’s very well-known that starting to exercise and making changes to your diet can only be beneficial to your condition.

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