What Is Telescopic Mast Photography

Good quality photography is an essential part of business marketing. Nowadays there are many new technologies allowing us to shoot good quality photos. One of these is telescopic mast photography.

Whilst aerial photography is taken by plane or helicopter, mast photography is taken from the ground using a camera elevated by telescopic pole or mast. In most cases the mast is hydraulically operated by an air compressor that extends the mast to a maximum of 100ft… Although some manual systems still exist. Once in position, all camera settings, framing and composition are controlled by masterracksbd the photographer from the ground using computer and special software.

In essence, the concept is very simple. But he results are very dramatic. This change of viewpoint shows us something we have never seen, and often lets us see everything in one shot. For example, in the commercial property sector an image from high in the sky helps present a clear vision of land, buildings, project or venue, giving a site and location overview.

Traditional Aerial photography by plane maybe the right solution for very large sites such as ports or racecourses but airplanes generally photograph at elevations of 500ft, which in reality is quite far away. Skycam gets much closer. 100ft elevation is still pretty high… comparable to ten storeys of a building. But for architecture, building sites and estates, strikes the right balance of overview and clarity.

The other advantage is mobility. Skycam is quick and easy to get into position – allowing for multi angles and views to be captured during one shoot.

Including close ups, overviews, view simulation and create unique elevated virtual tours…. 360 panoramic photography.

Architectural photography also benefits greatly form this positional shift with the mast acting as a very large tripod. Photographing buildings of any height benefit from an elevated shooting position to avoid the classic problems of converging verticals… the optical problems that always occur when tall buildings are photographed for the ground.

These days, particularly online, everyone is competing for attention. For marketing, summarising everything in one shot is key and a change of elevation can present a whole new perspective.

For more information about SkyCam see Telescopic Mast

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