What is Keyword Density – And Why is This So Critical to Your Online Business?

As an online marketer, there are many things that you need to understand in order to get maximum leverage from your marketing. One very important topic that you need to really understand is ‘keyword density.’ Keyword density is simply an indicator of the number of times a selected keyword is used on a web page. There is a formula or accepted standard used by the search engines that should be paid close attention to at all times.

Keyword density is expressed as a percentage of the total word count on a given page. To be recognized by the search engines, the keyword density should be between 3-5%. This is critical information that you should try to adhere to at all times. Not abiding by the accepted standard will affect your marketing. If the keyword density is not enough your site might not be recognized by the search engines, and if it is too much it could be rejected. So how can you know this?

Keyword density is calculated using the number of times a keyword appears on a page, divided by the total number of words on that page, and multiplied by 100. For simplicity here is an example: If you have a word count of 100 on a web page, and you use a specific keyword five times on that page, the keyword density of that page would be 5 divided by 100 multiply by 100 = 5%.

NOTE: The total word count should exclude any HTML code used to create the page.

This standard not only apply to the specific keywords but also to groups of words or phrases that are related. Just by understanding this information, and applying it to your business can greatly affect the way how your web pages get recognized by the search engines. So how can you find out this information?

Here is how to check the key

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word density of your web pages:

=> Copy and paste the content of the web page

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