The Top Ten Reasons to Build a Custom Home Over a Prefabricated or Modular Home

Here are the top ten reasons why choosing a custom home will turn out to be the best decision for you.

Personalization – A custom built home reflects you because of the direct say-so that you can have in its construction. You will be able to dictate just what you want to see in the house, and not have to conform and accept someone elses design of a prefab house. Each custom built home is a unique structure with your mark on it, unlike modular homes that follow the trends of everyone else in the neighborhood.

Quality – There is a huge difference between the quality of the building materials that are used in personally designed home and modular homes. Since pre-fab homes are priced cheaper, mycustomhome that means that the materials used are cheap as well, which means they won’t last as long. In contrast, custom homes are built with the best available materials to give you, the owner, satisfying results.

Durability – Durability goes hand-in-hand with the quality of the houses. Custom built homes are made to last with their quality materials. Compared to modular houses that begin to major wear and tear after 15-30 years, custom homes can last you above and beyond.

Price – You may think it’s more expensive to build a custom home, but in the long run it is indeed the better deal. Take a look at the development of each house, most of the time modular home builders charge a cheaper price for the bare-minimum house, and then add to that price with the addition of amenities and various other options. On the contrary, when building a custom home, the amenities and all the other options are added into the original price so you know right off the bat how much you’ll be paying.

Value – The value of the house is an essential component in today’s economy. You want to get the most for your money, a house that lasts, is sustainable through the years, and can keep its good image. Like we saw with durability, you will have a house that will last you years when you build a custom home. Also, in case you wanted to resell the house eventually, you can rest easy knowing that its value will continue to be high throughout the years because of its durability and uniqueness, unlike the model homes whose unoriginal floor plans and cheap materials causes their value to decline quickly.

Personal Service – By working with a custom home builder you will be able to discuss with them exactly what you would like to see in the house and be in contact with them throughout the building process. Since a custom home is focused around you, that means that the builders will also focus on you and your vision for the home. The large corporations who build modular homes can hardly be expected to give you such one-on-one interaction.

Finances – People who build and own pre-fabricated homes have a harder time getting mortgages for their houses. Banks do not want to finance houses that can be easily moved and whose value will only go down. Thus if you build a custom home you will more than likely have an easier time at the bank with financing your home.

Land – Most people who build custom homes have already purchased land to build upon, which makes it easier for them to build. Modular homes however sell only a house, and then leave it up to you to find a property that the house can go on, and ensure it’s an area where modular homes are allowed.

Flexibility – Custom home builders give you room to change whatever it may be about your home design that you want. Perhaps you’d want to add in an extra room or a couple more features, that’s no problem in custom homes. However, in modular homes this isn’t an option because they come in set building plans.

Openness – Want your builder to be upfront and honest with you? Choose a custom home builder who will keep you informed the whole way through the building process. You won’t be hit with any last minute surprises or expenses like you could be with a prefabricated or modular home.

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