The pronouns that make Psalm 23 so powerful

He Lord is my shepherd; I shall no longer want.”
Even if you haven’t psalm 23 read the Bible very a whole lot, you are in all likelihood familiar with that line from Psalm 23. Also known as “The Shepherd Psalm,” Psalm 23 might be the maximum usually examine and quoted chapter within the entire Bible. We recite it at funerals, and we read it while we feel afraid or unhappy. It even shows up in movies like Titanic and pop songs like Gangsta’s Paradise by means of Coolio. A couple of years in the past, Bible Gateway published a listing of the ten maximum searched-for Bible verses on its website. Five of the pinnacle 10 verses have been from Psalm 23. I am certain that many humans round the arena have grew to become to Psalm 23 throughout this past month, as we’ve confronted a terrifying worldwide disaster and deep uncertainty approximately the destiny.
For centuries, Bible scholars have contemplated the question of why this precise psalm is so deeply loved. Why do we return to it time and time once more within the midst of crisis? After all, there are numerous Bible passages in which God is referred to as a shepherd. The Bible is complete of reminders about how God offers for his human beings inside the midst of uncertainty and fear. So what makes Psalm 23 so special?
I assume Psalm 23 is strong for a easy however sudden purpose: the primary-individual singular pronouns. In case you’ve forgotten your center-college grammar elegance, the first-individual singular pronouns in English are “I,” “me,” “my,” and “mine.” In other words, King David didn’t write, “The Lord is a shepherd,” or “The Lord is the shepherd,” or even, “The Lord is our shepherd.” Instead, the primary verse of Psalm 23 starts offevolved with the powerful confirmation, “The Lord is my shepherd.”
Psalm 23 personalizes the metaphor of God as our shepherd to some extent that no different biblical passage simply does. Most of us recognize that shepherds provide for and defend their sheep. They lead their sheep to meals and water. They combat off wild animals and bandits that threaten their sheep. The Scripture is complete of imagery describing God as an amazing shepherd for the kingdom of Israel and for the arena as a whole.
But it’s one element to understand that God is a good shepherd in trendy, and another component absolutely to realize that he’s my correct shepherd. It’s no longer just that God cares about Israel, or the world in trendy. It’s that God is aware of and cares approximately me specially.
Think of it this way: When I am unhappy or scared, I can accept as true with that God is taking care of the arena. He’s main the world to an awesome vicinity. The Bible is apparent approximately that — he has a really perfect plan for our world that cannot be defeated by sin, illness or demise. But Psalm 23 tells me that God is also taking care of me. Yes, he has the entire global in his arms, as the first verse of that antique track tells us. But he also has you and me for my part in his hands, as the third verse tells us.
If God is your shepherd, then you can consider that he sees you and cares approximately you right now. He is aware of your name and knows what you want. If you’re locked in your private home, fearful of what the next day holds, he sees you and he cares about you. If you’re sick and in pain, he sees you and he cares approximately you. He wants to lead you to a terrific region, in which your destiny is cozy and where you have got all that you want and more. The Scripture makes clean that we are able to locate that region of perfection when Jesus returns sooner or later. He will remake the sector into a country where pandemics, struggle and natural disaster will not wreak havoc and destruction.
So permit me to invite you this question: Is God your shepherd? Do you agree with he is aware of you and is aware of what you need these days? Do you accept as true with he desires to lead you to a place of hope and of lifestyles? Will you follow him there?
The Gospel of John tells us that Jesus, God’s best Son, claimed to be the good shepherd of Psalm 23. In doing so, Jesus was claiming to be God in human flesh. In doing so, Jesus become creating a bold statement: if you want God to be your shepherd, you ought to comply with Jesus. If you do follow him, he’s going to lead you to an area of ample and everlasting existence. Jesus said that nothing may want to ever separate him from his sheep. Not even a global pandemic can take hold of God’s people out of the fingers of the shepherd. Jesus died for his sheep, and then he rose again. As a result, now not even the frightening shadow of dying can ruin the relationship between the savior and his sheep.
Wherever you are right now, and anything you’re feeling, you may accept as true with that God sees you and he cares approximately you individually. He knows your each need. He isn’t only the coolest shepherd. He also desires to be your desirable shepherd. In the midst of a lot uncertainty, grief and worry, the maximum critical query we will ask ourselves is whether we will agree with and observe the good shepherd as he leads us to a place of hope and everlasting lifestyles.
Matt Morton is the teaching pastor on the Creekside Campus of Grace Bible Church in College Station.
Matt Morton
Matt Morton
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