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A studio loft, otherwise called a studio level (UK), an independent condo (Nigeria), productivity condo, bed-sitter (Kenya) or lone ranger condo, is a little loft (infrequently a townhouse) in which the ordinary elements of various rooms – frequently the lounge, room, and kitchen – are consolidated into a solitary room.

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The studio condo is a loft with a solitary room. They are otherwise called single-room homes or studio pads. A studio loft ordinarily comprises of one huge room that fills in as the joined living, feasting, and room. A variety, in some cases called an “anteroom studio”, may have a little discrete region; this wing or alcove is off the primary region, and can be utilized for eating or resting. The loft’s kitchen offices might be found either in the focal room or in a little isolated zone. The restroom is for the most part in its own more modest room, while the latrine can be isolated.

Studio condo sizes fluctuate significantly by nation.

A studio loft contrasts from a bedsitter in the United Kingdom or single room inhabitance (SRO) unit in the United States, in that a SRO doesn’t normally contain a kitchen or restroom. Washroom offices are imparted to numerous units on the lobby.

Worldwide varieties


In Argentina, a studio condo is designated “monoambiente” (in Spanish, “Mono” is one and “ambiente” is room).

Normal zone of a studio in Bangladesh (2016)


In Brazil, a studio loft is called quitinete (from kitchenette). It is fundamentally made out of one room, one washroom, and a kitchen, which is regularly in a similar space as the room. Of late, recently fabricated quitinetes are beginning to be classified “studios”, for the cutting edge advance English as an unknown dialect has.

Cuisinette studio in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada (2010)


In Canada, an unhitched male condo, or just “lone ranger,” is the regular term in Canadian English for any single room staying unit which is definitely not a shared convenience. A shared room, or especially little lone wolf, is in some cases alluded to as a “single girl.” Residents of the territory of Quebec (most in French) broadly utilize the expression “studio” or “one and a half”.

Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, garsoniéra, frequently alluded to as garsonka, (from French “garçon”, which means kid, youngster, single man) is a one room loft with isolated restroom and WC, curtailed as 1+0, now and again it is 1 live with independent washroom and WC and kitchenette, contracted 1+KK.

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