Reverse Type 2 Diabetes by Changing Your Lifestyle!

Many studies have proven without doubt that Type 2 diabetes can be prevented, or at least delayed for many years. Even small changes in your lifestyle can bring about huge results. Following a healthy low-GI diet is essential but so too is a healthy lifestyle. It is usually those unhealthy lifestyle habits that lead to poor food choices which leads to Type 2 diabetes, or can even worsen Type 2 diabetes if it has already been diagnosed.

Preventing or reversing Type 2 diabetes goes hand in hand with the following steps:

1. Weight Control: The underlying cause of Type 2 diabetes is obesity and insulin resistance. Insulin resistance does not happen overnight… it develops slowly over many years and since insulin is not producing the right response, your pancreas makes increasingly higher amounts of insulin in order to keep your blood sugar level from becoming too high.

The good news is losing weight helps reduce insulin resistance, then your cells will remove sugar from your blood much more efficiently. The challenging part is actually losing the weight and then keeping it off. Even a 10 to 15 pounds (4.5 to 6.8 kg) can make a dramatic difference to your Type 2 diabetes risk.

2. Increasing Your Physical Activity: If the first thing your doctor told you was to lose weight, the second thing you were more than likely told was… to start exercising. Physical activity fights insulin resistance, so cells can remove sugar from your blood much more efficiently. Physical activity can make the difference between

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