Plasma-Carbon Symbiosis and Bioplasma Body Fusion

Scientists are starting to understand that co-activity was similarly as significant as rivalry in the development of life’s variety and flexibility. Each cell in the human body contains a mitochondrion which is believed to be a bacterial cell which attacked an early eukaryote. Rather than being processed, the two cells endured one another and started to live with one another – a consolidation which gave collaborations to both. This is a frightening illustration of symbio-beginning. In any case, at that point each multi-cell creature or plant is additionally a conspicuous illustration of co-activity as opposed to rivalry. In excess of a 1,000 trillion cells are living calmly and co-working in your body; along with 500 to 100,000 types of microorganisms. Truth be told, there are around ten fold the number of microscopic organisms as human cells in the human body.

Lynn Margulis, individual from the National Academy of Sciences and Distinguished Professor at the University of Massachusetts, has contended that irregular change, professed to be the primary wellspring of hereditary variety is of just restricted significance. Substantially more critical is the procurement and joining of new genomes by cooperative consolidation. Obviously, she was binding herself to just carbon-based living things.

The “Equal Earth” speculation suggests that a partner dim issue Earth co-accumulated with the noticeable Earth in the undeveloped Solar System. As indicated by dull plasma hypothesis, dim issue comprises generally of a plasma of high energy non-standard particles (here and there of an alternate equality) – or “dim plasma”. On this partner Earth, life thrived, much the same as it did on our noticeable Earth. The thing that matters was that the living things were plasma-based. Two distinct substrates, plasma and carbon, offered ascend to life-structures in two unique territories.

As indicated by the “Dim Panspermia” speculation recommends that shooting stars, space rocks and comets, containing both the dim and obvious structure squares of life fell into tenable zones and produced the main single-celled and later multi-cell life-structures which created both customary and dim bioplasma bodies that were coupled to one another. Thus, in any event, when life started on the obvious Earth, plasma living things were at that point framing harmonious associations with the bountiful carbon-put together life structures with respect to our partner Earth.

Between Substrate Plasma-Carbon Symbio-beginning

“Advantageous interaction” is a term used to depict a nearby biological connection between the people of (at least two) distinct species. Once in a while a cooperative relationship benefits the two species, now and then one animal types benefits at the other’s cost, and in different cases neither one of the specieses benefits. It has been seen by metaphysicists that the cooperative connection between the bioplasma and carbon-based bodies is one of “mutualism” where the two species advantage. (In any event one driving metaphysicist, nonetheless, depicts the relationship as “parasitic”.)

Basically all carbon-based life shapes today, including homo sapiens, had cooperative associations with plasma-based living things. Primates are the results of a symbio-beginning between a carbon-based and plasma-based living thing. In contrast to different creatures, notwithstanding, carbon-based primates had the option to use the option psychological tactile frameworks of their plasma-based advantageous accomplices. Their extraordinary cerebrums permitted them to enact the higher energy bioplasma bodies that co-advanced with the carbon-based body without fundamentally having any cognizant mindfulness that they were getting to an alternate intellectual framework. Connections created between the lower energy carbon-based groups of primates and the higher energy bioplasma bodies and were supported for a few large number of years up to the present.

At the point when certain cerebrum circuits in the biochemical mind (especially in the parietal and worldly projections) were incapacitated, the locus of awareness from the carbon-based body of a human was moved to the plasma-based body. During REM (Rapid Eye Movement) rest the carbon-based body measures data from the bioplasma body.

As per dull plasma hypothesis, there is a higher energy connect of the (carbon-based) physical-biochemical treated egg. This connect, typically in its grown-up structure, is regularly called the “(etheric) twofold” in the overall supernatural writing. It is frequently seen as an imitation of the carbon-put together body however works with respect to an electromagnetic stage, being a bioplasma body. It is ordered here as a “Level 3 bioplasma body”. (“Level 3” means that the body occupies a universe which has 3 spatial measurements and 1 time measurement, much the same as the carbon-based body.)

Type 1 Bioplasma Body Fusion

“…all obvious living beings, plants, creatures and organisms advanced by “body combination.” Fusion at the minuscule level prompted hereditary coordination and arrangement of perpetually complex people.” – Lynn Margulis, Acquiring Genomes, 2002

As indicated by the mystical writing, the Level 3 bioplasma body starts and normally passes on along with physical-biochemical body (which is additionally a “Level 3” body) or a brief timeframe from that point. This isn’t unexpected as the age of this bioplasma body approximates the carbon-based body since the two bodies starts at about a similar time in a specific lifetime. Notwithstanding, in specific cases, for instance inadvertent demise, the still sound and intact bioplasma body (the “giver”) decouples from the carbon-based body. Therefore it might retain (or meld) with an early stage Level 3 bioplasma body which is coupled to an undeveloped carbon-based body (the “beneficiary”). This “body combination” offers ascend to another Level 3 bioplasma living thing and is very uncommon. It doesn’t add up to a symbio-beginning as both bioplasma bodies are of similar species.

It was accounted for by Paul Pearsall (in his book The Heart’s Code) that beneficiaries getting a giver’s heart during heart transfers may encounter certain feelings and even “cell recollections” of the benefactor. Beneficiaries have detailed acquiring everything from the benefactor’s food desires to information about his killer – data that in one case prompted the executioner’s capture. Also, in Type 1 Bioplasma Body Fusion (where the bioplasma bodies being melded are moderately close in recurrence on the electromagnetic range to the physical-biochemical body) the carbon-based body of the beneficiary might be affected by specific occasions or even the appearance or aggregate of the contributor.

In specific cases, includes that were related with the carbon-based body of the giver which affected the contributor’s Level 3 bioplasma body was moved to the carbon-based body of the beneficiary through the combination of the benefactor’s bioplasma body with the beneficiary’s bioplasma body. In this sort of symbio-beginning, normal of most detailed resurrection cases, recollections identifying with the giver might be gotten to by the beneficiary. This typically most effectively happens when the beneficiary is youthful and has not finished the full improvement of the mind. Admittance to the recollections of the contributor will be progressively lost as the mind prunes its neural organizations.

Ian Stevenson, a logical scientist in rebirth type cases, has found that specific Burmese youngsters who recollected their “past lives” as British or American Air Force pilots shot down over Myanmar during World War II have more pleasant hair and appearances than their kin. Particular facial highlights, foot deformations and different attributes were extended starting with one life then onto the next. Frequently skin pigmentations looking like scars from actual wounds have been persisted. In one case, a kid who was killed in “his previous life” by having his throat cut had a long ruddy imprint looking like a scar around his neck. A kid who ended it all by shooting himself in the head in his past manifestation had two scar-like skin pigmentations that fixed up consummately with the projectile’s direction, one where the slug entered and another where the shot left. Stevenson has accumulated many these cases and has distributed articles in legitimate diaries, including the Journal of the American Medical Association .

These cases recommend that an exchange of qualities and recollections occurred a brief timeframe after the demise of the carbon-based body and that the Level 3 bioplasma twofold had not deteriorated totally. In these uncommon cases, even certain actual highlights and qualities, which were created during the past carbon-based lifetime, may show up again in the new carbon-based body.

In these cases, the Level 3 bioplasma body had been affected by the actual distortion to the past carbon-based body and communicated it as a component in another carbon-based body which isn’t hereditarily connected with the principal body. As such it is a Carbon-Plasma-Carbon move of qualities which recommends some type of cross-substrate engraving.

Type 2 Bioplasma Body Fusion

In most of cases, be that as it may, Type 2 Bioplasma Body Fusion happens. For this situation, the bioplasma body at the following higher energy level (generally alluded to as an “astral body” in the supernatural writing yet characterized here as a “Level 4 bioplasma body”) wires with an early stage bioplasma body at a similar energy level which is connected to a Level 3 bioplasma body. (“Level 4” means that the body occupies a universe which has 4 spatial measurements and 1 time measurement.)

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