New Business Opportunities in Both Good and Not So Good Times

Regardless of whether we are in an upswing and robust economy or in a state in which all indicators point southward, the show must go on. There are a number of steps you can take and strategies you can adopt at least to pay the bills and stay afloat until such a time that the upward spiral springs into motion and gains momentum. Here are a few:

Scan the International Headlines Daily

All economies do not respond to changes in economic climate the same way. seo dubai Look closely and you are sure to find pockets of relative prosperity. Once you have narrowed down your geo focus, it is time to visit the foreign missions of the countries you are targeting. You will be amazed to learn about the vast number of resources the commerce attaches of embassies and high commissions can provide you in order to address your business interests.

Search Engine Optimize your Website

If you haven’t optimized your website for the major search engines with engaging content and precision-oriented meta data not to mention other SEO attributes, it is time to do so right away. Remember that there are companies looking for the products and services you provide. Millions of searches are carried out on Google, Yahoo and MSN that culminate in significant amount of business generation. Consider running a Google PPC campaign using targeted keywords if you have the budget to do so.

Explore Affiliate Marketing Possibilities

If the product or service you provide is compatible with a reseller model, you should look at setting up an affiliate marketing program immediately. When you do so, your product or service is resold by thousands of agents on their respective websites in exchange for a piece of the action. If you happen to know very little about affiliate marketing, we recommend that you consider using the services of an Internet marketing company. Companies such as Commission Junction, Clix Galore and Click Bank offer robust affiliate business models to manufacturers and service providers for a very reasonable fee.

Google Alert your Competition

Google provides a wonderful free service called Google Alerts in which you can set up an alert using specific keywords. Google alerts is excellent to monitor competition. Simply set up a Google Alert at using your competitors as the main keywords. Each time one of your competitors does something worthy of online note, Google will notify you immediately. There is no limit to the number of alerts you can set up. You will need to establish a Google account to spring into alert action!

The strategic and tactical measures we have suggested here are not exclusive to recessionary climates alone. These are steps you should take irrespective of the direction in which the pendulum is swinging. Try them out, implement them and watch your business soar to dizzying heights of profitability and productivity.

Anthony Dayal is the CEO of Vistas Advertising and Marketing LLC, A Dubai and Sharjah based interactive marketing and advertising agency which helps clients to market their products and services on the Internet through winning SEO and SEM initiatives. Visit him at and check out his impressive list of services all designed to propel your company to the next level of corporate achievement.


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