Local Freelance Webmasters – A Huge Income Opportunity

With just basic SEO, page creation and design skills you can make a lot of money through local businesses. Most small businesspeople know that the Internet holds an enormous income opportunity but many of them do not know how to do it. They go out and spend thousands of dollars for professional work when they could be doing it for a little less by hiring you.

A good way to start making money with your Webmaster skills is to take a look at your local phonebook. Many of the small businesses have their websites listed. You can take a look at these websites and take note of those with poor SEO work etc.

Once you find a small business with a website that is not doing them any good, give them a call and just stop by their place of business. Let them know what your skills are justmyfitness and tell them that you can get them ranked on the front page of Google for their skill. The reason you will tell them this is because most of the time this is a very easy task. If you live in a small rural town this will be extremely easy. If you live in a larger town with more competition it could take some work but you will be getting paid good money for it.

Another way to start freelancing your Webmaster skills is to find small businesses that do not even have a website. This is even easier has you can create a small website for them. If you do not have one of the skills you can actually outsource it yourself and still make a good profit.

Most people that do not know anything about website creation will extremely happy that now have their own company website. You can base the amount of money you charge of your own skills. If you are not confident with the design part but you do not want to outsource it you can do what you know and charge a smaller amount. As long as you can make the site presentable to an audience you cant go wrong.

Be honest with your clients and make them feel confident with their decision. It may be a good idea to offer a discount to the first one or two clients and let them know that they are getting a discount. The reason for this is because you will need testimonials and a lower price will make them much happier whether your work was great or not.

A thousand or two dollars for a small five to ten page website is not uncommon so what are you waiting for? Start making money with the basic skills that you have obtain from your hobby.

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