Keyword Marketing Basics – Keys to Online Success Using Proper Keyword Marketing

Keyword marketing is the proper research and use of targeted keywords in internet marketing content and web site design.

The proper amount and type of keyword research you do is the backbone of your success with online marketing. Learn it, practice it and learn it some more, because no matter how good your training, this requires practice and a “feel” that only comes from repetition.

Some of the components of keyword marketing that are critical to online success are as follows:

What is a keyword? A “keyword” can be one or more words comprising a phrase. Some people mean keyword phrase when they say keyword. Don’t be confused by this, but also rest assured there are few one word phrases in Internet marketing that you can be competitive for. As a matter of fact you are going to be challenged competing for two word phrases. Three or more words in your keyword phrase and you can often be competitive. If your topic is very unique and obscure this may vary, but generally speaking this is the case.

Determine the quantity of people searching on your keyword or keyword phrase either daily or monthly. This was confusing for me at the beginning as some tools capture monthly and others daily. This obviously has to be apples to apples otherwise the rest of your data is useless. This can be done for free with Google’s free keyword tool. There are many other free and paid tools available simply by searching the phrase, free keyword tools. NOTE: The more people searching the better, but the more people searching the more competition there is. A balance here is where the gold is.

Determine the level of Competition for the keyword or keyword phrase. This is the number of other sites online that come up when you search on the phrase. This can be viewed in the upper right hand corner of any Google results page. There are varying schools of thought here but most keyword marketing experts would say that you should look for this number to be under 100,000 and ideally under 50,000. This is a good rule of thumb.

Understand that one keyword phrase alone will not be en

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