How to Prepare For Your First Date

Two questions that you would like to ask, but never get the chance to ask before the first date. Is the new man in my life already married and is there something in his past that i should know about.

Does he have a drink problem or is there domestic  your trusted directory violence in the past, or even a criminal record. You may have a drug addict on your hands, there are so many degrees of addiction it is not always there to see, at first sight.

Even a quick look in the phone directory can supply some basic details, also the internet is there to help, with a background check that can be carried out in minutes and at no charge.

To prepare for your first date, some ground work before hand will save a lot of pain down the road. You do not want to be the one in a thousand that you read about in the newspapers or that is feature in the evening news on television. There far more cases of domestic violence than is generally known, and what about all the events that never get reported, we have all heard the saying street angel house devil, you do not want to be one that ends up in the emergency ward at the local hospital. With a few broken bones and a dozen stiches to show to remind you of the evening.

The internet is there to smooth the way of true romance with a pre-date background check, and free of charge. It will be great to know the new person that you are about to put your trust in is worth it. Regret having to stress the darker side of life, but let’s all be safe rather than sorry

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