How To Correct Your Posture If You Want To Grow Taller

To put it in simple terms, posture is the manner in which the body is aligned in the sitting or standing position. Thanks to the long hours we spend in front of our computer screens, most of us are either slouching or walking with hunched shoulders today.

A bad posture exerts strain on the skeletal muscles and weight-bearing joints and causes pain. Not only this, it is the reason for a short appearance. Posture correction systems suggest how one can correct a poor posture and thereby increase height.

Seated Position

If your job requires you to sit at a desk for long hours, you may want to reconsider how you sit and support your back. Your body should be properly aligned. When you sit, avoid sitting at the end of the chair. Push back so that your shoulders and buttocks touch the back rest. The spine curves inwards (lumbar curve) along the lower back. It is necessary to support these natural curves either by placing a rolled towel between the lower back and the chair or by using ready, custom-designed lumbar support.

The dimensions of the chair also count. It should neither be too wide not too narrow. The seat should be adjusted to an optimum height; your feet should sit flat on the floor. Opt for a chair with arm rests. Do not sit for long hours. Take breaks in the middle to exercise the legs and arms.

Standing Position

The way you stand also has an impact on spine compression. Stand straight. Many mistake standing straight as standing in a rigid position either with the chest or butt jutting out. This is a faulty posture. Standing straight implies a stance wherein the head, throat, shoulders and feet are aligned in a straight line.

Standing for long hours often tires the body and forces one to slouch as a means to relax. If your job compels you to stand for long hours, shift weight from the toes to the heel and foot ball (between the toes and foot arch). When standing, shift weight from one foot to the other. If you have to lift something off the floor, keep your back straight and bend at the knees.

Sleeping Position

An incorrect sleeping posture might also be another reason why you aren’t growing tall despite all your efforts to gain height. You should always sleep with a pillow under your head. Place a flat pillow under your legs, under the knees; this maintains and supports the natural curves of your back.

If you sleep on your side, sleep with your legs slightly curved. It stretches and tones the muscles of the spine. Do not sleep with a very high pillow as it strains the head and neck. Also, do not sleep with your face down.

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