How to Backup and Replace Your PlayStation 4 Hard Drive

At the point when the PlayStation 4 propelled in 2013 it accompanied a 500GB hard drive. While sometime in the past 500GB appeared as though beyond what we would ever utilize, the size of games has swelled exponentially throughout the years. With well known titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 (105GB), Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (101GB), and Grand Theft Auto V (76GB) saying something near or over 100GB, that drive can top off quick.

Consequently, Sony overhauled hard drives giving clients the alternative for a 1TB drive. Be that as it may, a broad library of more up to date triple-A games implies this probably won’t do the trick for certain clients (myself included). Luckily with later programming refreshes Sony has permitted the PS4 to help SSDs up to 8GB in size on the off chance that you have a fat wallet.

Redesigning your PlayStation 4’s hard drive isn’t unreasonably troublesome, however a few stages ought to be followed when introducing another drive. Here’s a fast bit by bit manual for assist clients with maintaining a strategic distance from migraines during the procedure. So get your PS4, and how about we begin.

Things You Will Need

Since Sony needed to make the hard drive in the PS4 effectively upgradeable, you won’t need any extraordinary instruments like Torx bits. This is what you will require:

A Phillips screwdriver

An outside USB drive (500GB or 1TB for sponsorship up PS4)

A thumb drive for the framework programming (discretionary)

A PC with a web association

Another substitution hard drive/SSD

Before you begin you will need to download the PlayStation 4 framework programming (TechSpot reflect) to the USB thumb drive. You can utilize the reinforcement drive if there is adequate space, however I lean toward having the framework programming put away independently. Make an envelope on the thumb drive called PS4, and inside that make another organizer called UPDATE. Spot the download in here.

Note: If you download from our mirror, be certain you snatch the Re-Install download and not the Upgrade. The document will be over 1GB, so you will know. You will likewise need to rename it to PS4UPDATE.PUP.

Support Up

Prior to sponsorship up your framework, sync your trophies to your PSN account since those can’t be spared to an outer gadget. To do this, press the Options button on the regulator, at that point select “Sync Trophies with PSN.” If you are not a gatherer, or you are moderately certain they are as of now adjusted, you can avoid this progression.

Next, start your reinforcement. With your PS4 on the Home screen, plug in your outer drive. The drive must be organized to FAT32 or exFAT. When associated, go to Settings > System > Back Up and Restore > Back Up PS4. In the reinforcement submenu, you will be cautioned that trophies can’t be supported up. In the event that you have been following this guide, disregard this message.

The menu will show how much space your different kinds of information are taking up. Application (games) are constantly spared. There is a checkbox close to Captures, Saved Data, and Settings that are checked as a matter of course. You can uncheck any of these in the event that you wish. Nonetheless, be cautioned that you will lose that information. I recommend in any event sparing your settings. Choose what you need to spare, at that point click Next.

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