Have a Lot of Fun With Bookworm Word Game

When you’re searching for an online game that doesn’t involve violent action, then Bookworm may just be what you’re searching for. This is a great word game that’s fun, relaxing and simple to play. At the same time it can be quite challenging. The game consists of a board with letters on it. Your goal is to take the letters and connect them together to form a valid word. Once you make a word, you click submit and it will disappear from the board and more letters will drop down.

You score points based on the length of the word so you want to make the words as long as you can. If you make only short words, then a red tile will appear. These will burn up the letters located below them and if they reach the bottom of the board they will burn up the entire board and you lose. Therefore, try to come up with the longest words possible and you’ll get fewer red tiles. The only way to get rid of these red tiles is by using them to spell words.

You won’t ever have any empty spaces on the board because as soon as a word disappears more letters will drop down and you’ll also get green and gold tiles from time to time. These are worth more points than regular tiles so use them whenever possible.

Bookworm can be played online or you have the option of downloading a trial version that you can play for free for a limited time. If you choose to play online, expect a few interruptions from pop ups once in awhile and there will be limited features. If you choose to download the full version, then you have more options and the definition of uncommon words will appear on-screen for you to see.

After downloading the full version, you can play the turn-based classic mode that allows you to choose the pace at which you want to play. In this mode you can take your time and try to think of the best words and longer words to use that will get you the most points. As long as you don’t let the red tiles burn up and touch the bottom you’ll eventually collect enough points to move up to the next level.

If you choose the action mode, you’ll need to think fast but it can be fun to see how fast you can finish a level and move up in the game. The full version also allows you to receive more gold, diamonds and sapphire, which makes it even more fun to play.

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