Fair & Poor Win Totals for Betting Season

Since we are getting close to the beginning of both the NFL and college football seasons, winning season numbers are commonly available in sports books and are advertised every year with increased aggressiveness. They are a fascinating bet to consider for individuals. They often even make sense of being. When you consider making complete bets this year to win the season, here are some things you’ll want to do, and others you’ll definitely want to avoid: …Read the full Betting Season Win Totals report on Good & Poor

Hyped Football Teams How To Handicap

We’re in both college football and the NFL at the time of year where excitement is out of reach surrounding certain players. In the minds of the media and the betting public, teams who have gone off to hot starts-whether expected or not-can do no wrong. As you know, however, not all teams live up to their early season hype, if you have spent any time watching sports at all. Some don’t actually live up to it in a spectacular way. As sports bettors, our job is to try to differentiate between the teams that are as good as advertised and those that …Read the full How to Handicap Hyped Football Teams article

Scouting Out Future Blowout Football Bets

As much as the next guy, I like adrenaline-a good rush is almost always a good thing. However, if I need an adrenaline boost, I would like to go skiing or watch a scary movie or something. What I don’t want to do is get an adrenaline high from sweating out the final seconds of a game that I’m betting on to see ยูฟ่าเบท whether I’m going to win or not. As far as I am concerned, I would love to bet on just blowouts-games that are practically half done. I’m going to leave those close-up games to those that I watch for fun. Blowouts aren’t ALWA …Read the entire Scouting Out Future Football Blowout Bets article

How best to use the Football Betting moneyline

When most individuals think about football betting sides, their thought process begins and ends with the spread of the stage. Unquestionably, that’s the most common and famous way to bet on a football team winner, but it’s not the only way. The moneyline is thought to be just the way to bet on baseball, hockey, and tennis by many people, but for every NFL game and most college games there is a moneyline package. I will never imply that instead of the point spread in football, the moneyline should be bet. Definitely, the moneyline is something ev …Read the full article on how best to use the Football Betting moneyline

Managing Football Bets for Saturday & Sunday

The number of games they have to contend with on Saturdays and Sundays during the regular season is one of the greatest obstacles for football bettors if they bet on both college football and the NFL. There are more than 50 games on Saturday on a busy weekend and 16 on Sunday. That’s far more games than even the most amazing handicapper can deal with properly. People are often tempted to do too much and too many games are handicaped. That could mean they’re not as prepared for each game as they should be. That can be costly. Six tips are here …

Influence of Offensive Line on football Handicapping

In comparison to offensive lines, handicappers have a curious mentality. That is to suggest that they always absolutely neglect them. The receivers and running backs get plenty of coverage, but not nearly as many headlines are drawn by those big guys who make it all happen up front. There are a few major reasons for that-there are no numbers for individuals to latch on to offensive lines, and most casual fans don’t even understand what the offensive line even does and how critical it is. If you want to be a really good handicapper in football, then you simply have to b …Read the full Offensive Line article on the impact of Football HandicappingFundamentals for Football Totals BettingTotals do not attract nearly as much coverage as point spreads from casual football bettors, however they should. If you approach them correctly, sums are at least as lucrative as spreads of points-and potentially more so if you are selective. If you don’t play totals intelligently, however, it can be very easy to lose a bunch of cash-and if you ‘re not careful, it’s easy to make poor decisions. If you are just getting started with betting totals or trying to boost your bottom line, here are five basics to bear in mind:

When to use Live Football Betting in a Game

Live in-game betting is one of the fastest growing sports betting segments. This has been made popular by technology, and bettors all the time embrace it more. Sports books basically provide a wide variety of props depending on the result of the next action in a game, or the next sequence of plays. You can make the bet and the action is settled only minutes later, you have your money, and you can make another bet. …

NFL & College Football Betting Differences

A lot of bettors would describe themselves simply as football bettors when asked. They will prefer college football to the NFL or vice versa, but on Saturday as on Sunday or Monday, they are probably just as likely to see any action. That makes sense for most individuals , especially casual bettors,-more action is better after all. Actually, it makes sense for someone to bet on both college football and the NFL as long as they hold the distinctions between the two in mind. The rules are the same, and almost all of the NFL players have played c …Read the full NFL & College Football Betting Differences report.Main numbers for Football Games bettingKey numbers-this is one of those terms that have been heard by most sports bettors, but less understand what they are and why it is relevant. Key numbers are an intrinsic part of the handicap of NFL and college football, and if you don’t have them, you’re operating at a disadvantage. Let’s make sure that we understand them all, shall we? …

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