Espresso Cups – It’s What’s on the Inside That Counts

Espresso cups are pretty and functional, they keep the espresso warm while it is being served and are just the right size to hold a shot of espresso. But, at the end of the pour, its what’s inside the cup that counts.

The prettiest espresso cup in the world can’t make up for a badly pulled shot. If it’s not made properly no one is going to care how nice the cup looked or how it kept the espresso warm, all they are going to remember is how bad the espresso was.

So, to pull the perfect espresso, keep reading and get those espresso cups ready.

Making a really good espresso takes a little practice; it might not be perfect the first time. These tips for making a great espresso assume that there is already an espresso machine available for use.

Coffee Beans

The first choice that has to be made that is a determining factor in making a great espresso is the coffee bean. There are many different beans available, from regular to gourmet to flavored beans.

Regardless of the type of coffee bean chosen, it is important to get beans that are fresh. The beans should be whole and not cracked, purchased from a market that sells enough beans to insure that they are fresh. Coffee shops turn their inventory over often enough that they have fresh products.

Another way to make sure the espresso in the cup is the freshest is to order the coffee beans directly from the manufacturer. This guarantees they are fresh; some growers even have their own websites.

After choosing the coffee beans, they should be stored in an airtight container and preferably in the freezer to keep them fresh. If the espresso maker has a storage hopper, make sure it is airtight and only store enough beans in it for a few uses.

Bean Grind

The bean grind is also very important in making a perfect espresso. If the espresso maker has a grinder, it should have settings for espresso. If the beans are being ground at the coffee market, make sure they to have them ground finely for espresso making.

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