Discover the Tricks to SEO Web Site Development!

Are you curious about increasing traffic to your site using SEO web site development? You’ve come to the right place! Here are a few SEO tips to get you started on the path to increased traffic and higher profits.

First, make sure your website is user-friendly. If customers are having trouble with navigating your site or even with finding it, you’re going to run into a serious revenue problem. Combat that by creating a website that has very easy navigation. To get the most out of the search engine robots, design your site in such a way that it’s easy for them to “read”. At the very least, remember that search bots “crawl” your site from left to right, top to bottom. Position your most important information (keyword/keyword phrases) so that they are read both first and last, and are made prominent through headers, sub-headers and bolded text when practical.

Avoid flash movies if at all possible. If you do have them, make sure that your most vital information and messages are contained elsewhere on your site. Many customers have disabled flash on their computers, and so they will not see or hear the sleek message you put into that neat little box.

More tips for SEO web site development include using meta tags on each and every page. The search bots will look at every page of your site, unless of course you have included a “no-follow” rule in your code, so make it easy for them. Although Google doesn’t rely on keyword meta tags anymore to determine what your website is about, other search engines still do, so including keyword and descriptive meta tags can’t hurt and just might help you to rank better in the SERPS.

Are you finding that many of your customers hit the page once, then go away after a few seconds? You might have a page that is not user-friendly. To fix this problem, avoid splash pages if at all possible. The splash page is that pretty little page that says “click here to enter”. Do you really need it, and does it do anything for your business? The answers to that are No, and No. Write interesting and compelling copy that includes the keywords most relevant to your website, provide need-to-know information to your visitors clearly and succinctly, and guide them to the action that you want them to take, whether that action is signing up for a newsletter, completing a survey or making a product purchase.

Avoid banner advertisements. Avoid audio, too. Why? Customers don’t like it nearly as much as you might think they do. Enabling audio might mean a customer won’t come to your site when they are at a shared computer or at work. And banner advertisements should be used sparingly. Keep it sleek and simple, and keep it focused.

To that end, make sure your navigation is easy. It must work in all browsers, so test it in each one, and test it in different window sizes. Avoid drop-down menus and make exploring your site so simple, even a child could do it. One of the best ways to do this is to provide a navigation menu on one side of the screen, or near the top of your web page with very clear headings to direct the customer to wherever they want to go.

SEO web site development is not as hard as it sounds, but it does take some time and research. You can start working with your SEO web design right now by taking these tips to heart!

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