Corner Shelf Bookcase

I don’t know how many times I’ve gone through my closet, pantry, kitchen, and living room looking to put out a new lamp or plant only to exclaim: “We need more shelves in this house!” It can really be aggravating when you come home from the store with a brand new decorative item only to find out that there is no room to put it anywhere.

What I’ve started to do in those circumstances is find an empty corner of my house and find a brand new corner shelf bookcase to put there. Those things are amazing and they give me a lot more room to store things.

If you have the same problem and find yourself with less storage space than you thought you had you should start looking for corner shelf bookcases too. A corner shelf bookcase is an open face bookcase, usually angled to fit snug in the corner of a room that has multiple shelving units to store all different kinds of decorative items. They are also great for use as a spice rack in the kitchen, toiletry storage in the bathroom, or clothing storage in your closets. As long as you have an empty corner in your house you can put up a corner shelf bookcase and you’ll instantly have some more shelves to play with.

Don’t waste time trying to put up shelves directly to the wall. You’ll have to spend so much time and effort cutting out the wood pieces to fit exactly and you’ll have to ruin the look of your house by nailing things to the wall. Plus, if you set up shelves incorrectly you run the risk of them falling off and destroying everything they were holding up. Trust me, it is must safer to just purchase a corner shelf bookcase if you need some extra shelf space. They are sturdy, easy to put together, and they look great too.

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