Camper Van Hire in Europe – Knowing Your Campsite Options

Using camper van hire in Europe can be one of the greatest options you have if you want to learn more about the scenic spots in the continent. A lot of campers, who went before you, have attested to the joys of camping in the area. In fact, Europe has many of the most famous spots for a campervan holiday.

Since the 1960’s, the era when campervan hire started to flourish, Europe was already one of the most popular tourist destinations for campers. Spain, specifically Barcelona, is one place you should traverse using a motorhome hire. The spot has great RV parks with a kind of Bohemian feel to them. Aside from Spain, however, there are other great camping sites in Europe where you can put the campervan into use. The list includes the following:

1. Germany. In Munich, there is a well-maintained campsite motorhome hire known as Oberstdorf. You can consider this during your campervan trip. This famous winter campsite is actually around 15 minutes away from the town’s centre. You can also enjoy health resort facilities around this area.

Also found in Germany is the Prahljust, a campsite situated in Hanover. This is found on the Harz Mountains and is well-known for its beauteous forests and captivating mountain lakes. Whilst you are using a camper van hire in Europe in traversing this area, you can extend five more extra kilometres to reach the place of Clausthall-Zellerfield. Take time out to see more of its wooden church, learn of its mining history, and experience how it is to shop in its street market. You can also use the motorhome hire to reach the picturesque village of Buntenbock.

2. Belgium. This country is known for its 3-star caravan park, Baalse Hei. The campsite is particularly seated in Flanders and is popular for its quiet surroundings. Take time out to explore the 36-hectare lot using the cycling routes and footpaths provided on its mountain trails. There are also great hideaways you will find in Baalse Hei with your motorhome rental. Some other great activities you will enjoy in this famous Belgian campsite are fishing, rowing and swimming. When you decide to use a camper van hire in Europe during summer and you want to go to Baalse Hei, expect that you will be able to enjoy one of the events organised by the campsite’s management.

3. Spain. Aside from Barcelona, Catalonia is also a seat for one of the favourite campsites in Europe. This one is called as Las Palmeras located just a few kilometres from Tarragona. The place is ideal for the entire family since it is equipped with the most modern facilities for camping and caravanning.

4. France. This small village is home for the campsite known as La Samaritaine. It has plenty of space where you can relax and explore nature. This 3-star campsite is equipped with a lake, a manmade beach, mobile homes, chalets and pitches for campervans.

Never stop exploring options when you want to make use of camper van hire in Europe. You can always make some researches to see other great places to go to around Europe. You can also ask your motorhome hire companies for help on these matters.

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