Blogging – Top 10 Tips For New Product Reviewers

When it comes to marketing…a lot of companies are now turning to bloggers to get their brand name out there and to get marketing exposure for the products they want to promote. With that said…not everyone makes a great “product reviewer”. If you are looking to get into writing product reviews, there are a lot of important things you will need to educate yourself on before you start writing.

Here are my top 10 tips for new writers who wish to start a product review business.

1. Your blog layout should be clean and organized. Blog readers and companies do not want to see a lot of advertisements and garbage on your blog. The index list of your reviews and giveaways should be on the main page and easy to find by your readers. Advertisements should be limited to under 10 buttons and/or banner ads on your main home page.

2. You will need a Terms of Service and Disclaimer Policy posted on your blog. This policy needs to be written in clear & understandable terms. It should be listed in a front and visible location on your web site.

3. You will need to install an RSS Feed, Feedburner and/or a Google Friend Connect Widget to your site so that readers can easily follow your site and stay up to date with all of your new blog postings.

4. You will need a new email account to keep your new product review business emails from getting lost in your personal email account. You can get a free email account at, or Once you have your email set up, you will want to make a variety of folders so that you can sort and store incoming and outgoing emails appropriately.

5. You will want to write up a few product reviews and post them onto your site before asking companies to sponsor a review on your site. You can do this by writing a few reviews on items that you personally own and love. You will want to write detailed reviews and include photos and links to the manufacturer’s web site. Always proofread your reviews before posting them.

6. You will need to install a stat counter and tracker to your web site. Companies will ask you for your web site stats so be prepared to provide them ahead of time. The majority of the companies I deal with require me to email them a screen shot of our web site stats before they will proceed with us. If you don’t know how to take a screen shot of your web site stats, there are a lot of free tutorials online where you can learn how to do it.

7. When I first got started in this business I sat down and drafted up a few text files that I can easily copy and paste into email to the companies I deal with. You will need an official product review request document (where you email the company and ask them to sponsor a review) and you will need an official response letter (which you send to the company after they reply with your policy and mailing information on it). Having these prepared ahead of time is a real time saver.

8. You will need a digital camera for writing product reviews. The majority of companies I deal with prefer that you add pictures to your review of you using the product that they sent to you to review. You don’t need an expensive camera but you do need to invest in one.

9. When you write up your product reviews it is important to write detailed reviews. Your review should be several paragraphs long and include the company’s history, product information, your honest thoughts about the item you reviewed, purchasing information and any other information you or the company feels that is important to include. It’s best to sit down and write your reviews when you can dedicate a minimum of 30 minutes of your time to do it.

10. You will need to promote your web site and each product review that you write on behalf of the company you reviewed. You can’t just write the review, slap it up online and call it a day. Part of this job requires that you promote the review online every where that you can. You will find that most reviewers promote their reviews on Facebook, Twitter, Ning and other online social media networks.

Writing product reviews is an easy job if you dedicate and educate yourself about it. However…writing and promoting the reviews is a time consuming job but well worth it if you enjoy writing and networking online.

Shelly Hill is the Co-Owner of the Two Classy Chics Product Reviews & Giveaways Blog with her business partner and good friend Chris Carroll. Shelly & Chris are both professional ghost writers and product reviewers. You can visit their online web site at for information on product reviews.

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