Avoid misuse of social media

Avoid misuse of social media for spreading unnecessary panic
Don’t purchase food and other grocery items in bulk. Leave some for others too.
Don’t buy sanitizers and other hand wash liquids in bulk. Buy the right amount required for your family.
Follow advisories issued by govt.
Wear mask if you have betrouwbare corona testen symptoms and stay in isolation to avoid contact.
Don’t travel during lock down or shut down.
Avoid gathering and meetings. Start working from home.
If you have travelled from abroad or from another state, keep yourself in isolation.
If you are going outside for essential needs, wear mask and maintain a distance of 1 meter (3 feet) form people.
Apart from these duties, you have to understand that lock down or shout down will not help administration gain anything. It only to keep citizens away from such a disease which has no medicine. So, it is advisable to obey rules and stay at home.
Have you ever seen a sitting duck world population? Eerily we do from

January 2020. The world population is in an invisible pandemic Corona Virus

attack that killed indiscriminately. Its global reach left only one continent, it is


There’s a good chance we all know someone who’s tested positive for

Covid-19, has lost their job, is facing the real prospect of losing any

vocation or their business or who might not be able to retire as

planned. This sort of individual life modifying disruptions face us now.

It causes any one to be painfully curious to know the virus source.

Its origin is from Wuhan Province in Chinese mainland. A mutant

virus variety managed to cross over from bats to human beings. Reportedly

food habits of a few who love meats from exotic animals enabled it to

spread at random. Modern transportation by air, by sea, by land aided

its expansion without any inhibition. This virus mutant has the innate

ability to utilize whatever it encounters to its advantage and marches

on to more areas to expand and thrive thus becoming a threat to man.

Reported statistical information on human deaths every day is

humongous. Major powers of the world are sitting ducks before this

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