Are Affordable SEO Services Effective?

Most businesses, whatever their size, understand the benefits they can take advantage of by hiring the services of an SEO service provider. However, for small companies or for start-ups who do not have a large budget for their SEO needs finding a SEO service that is effective yet affordable can be a cumbersome task. The general perception is that cheap and affordable SEO services are generally ineffective. The statement is not entirely false. However, if you have a general understanding of your business SEO needs and have some time to search for the ideal SEO package, you will be able to find the perfect SEO solution that is not only effective but also affordable.

First, we need to understand that finding the right SEO service philippines for your business is not necessarily about the price. Instead, you have to focus on exactly what you need, and whether or not the service provider you have chosen can offer you that. The first thing you should do is to make a list of your needs – for example, you may need help with the web design, link building, web layout and content, etc. Generally, it is seen that most companies offer such services in a SEO package – which can range from the very basic type of SEO services to specialized packages. Check out if the basic package covers all you need to start and if there is an option to upgrade later if necessary. Different service providers have different packages, so it is best to shop around for a while to find the best one.

Another way to find out about affordable SEO services is by posting your requirements on good SEO forums and community spaces. Many SEO businesses constantly check out these spaces in search of potential clients. Hence you may be able to get a good deal here. However, this doesn’t mean that you should go for the cheapest SEO package offered there, because cheap doesn’t necessarily mean good. Instead, you should check out the reviews of a particular SEO firm or ask them for references from their previous jobs. If you are then satisfied, you are good to hire them.

Another aspect to take into account when determining your need for SEO is your market competition. Do you have business rivals or is your business on a relative par with competitors? If you want your business to shine amidst heavy competition, using a basic search engine optimization service may not suffice. You might have to opt for a specialized and targeted SEO service that may not be as affordable as you want. But, in the long run, the benefits you reap from them may far outweigh the cost.

Affordable SEO services are perfect when you have a business that caters to a specific market and that has no noted business rivals. One important thing that you must always do is to question a company’s SEO strategies and tactics to rule out the use of any negative techniques. Their answers should satisfy all your doubts, and if they don’t you should continue searching.

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SEO Secrets From SEO Marketing Companies

So, what is it that SEO marketing companies do that makes your website rank high? Here’re some SEO secrets compiled from a survey of top SEO firms. Remember, that performing SEO on your site is best left to SEO marketing companies – you must not attempt it yourself because even minor technical mistakes can push your website down.

1. The companies typically recommends all small and medium business owners to incorporate a WordPress CMS. This CMS is extremely search engine- and SEO-friendly. Tags, headers, H1, H2 and alt tags, etc., can be incorporated without any hard coding. Moreover, WordPress CMS is supported by a community and many plugins that can enhance your site can be freely downloaded and used. For example, there’s a plugin that can make your website mobile-friendly in a few clicks!

2. A search-friendly website technical structure is developed. This includes creating a Robots file that carries instructions for search engines, XML site map, 301 redirects, and more.

3. Your website HTML, CSS, and Javascript codes are compressed; images are optimized for faster loading.

4. The site is bench marked with W3C’s best practices and errors are fixed.

5. Separate accounts are opened with Google, Yahoo, and Bing’s Webmaster Centers, and their recommendations are incorporated into your website.

6. The SEO marketing companies also ensure that your entire site’s navigation is accessible to search engines. If it isn’t, then the search engine may rank your site low because it cannot crawl through all the content.

7. SEO marketing companies then submit your website to prominent (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask) search engines.

8. Your site is registered with Google Places. This makes your place of business show up on Google Maps and thereby makes GPS-marketing easy.

9. Keywords are researched and incorporated in your description, tags, title, and content. Certain keyword-containing areas are highlighted to make pages more search-friendly.

10. Keyword-related internal links are used in a breadcrumb format to further strengthen the search engine visibility. Broken links are fixed.

11. The server location is carefully chosen because it impacts SEO – for example, if your website is built for Americans, then your server must be located in America.

12. The firms ensure that inner pages’ titles contain proper English words, and not numbers and junk characters.

13. The firms write unique and original content that contains keywords, but is human-friendly. Content must not be written for search engines because it does not make for a wholesome reading experience. Moreover, search engines red flag sites if they find that the sites are trying to cheat.

14. The search marketing companies then incorporate certain programming codes that make content snippets show up on search engines results even though a subscription is required to view the entire content. This is an invaluable SEO strategy.

This is what SEO marketing companies do to ensure that your website qualifies for a high ranking. However, know that SEO is a continuous process and once onsite SEO is complete, offsite SEO takes over. Offsite SEO is a large area and covers article, forum, blog, and video marketing, link building, social bookmarking, and more. The SEO firms develop customized strategies for every client, and it is in your best interest to work with a reputed and reliable SEO marketing company.

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Booking Your Hotel Online

Booking a hotel online has never been easier, but only if you know what to look for and what to avoid. One of the major advantages of booking your hotel online is the sheer variety of choices available. Do a simple search on the Internet for a hotel in any location and you are likely to be faced with hundreds of thousands of results to choose from whereas if you limit your choice of hotels to holiday brochures, newspaper advertisements and third party referrals then obviously there will be fewer options.

Online, you basically have access to just about every hotel that is out there and all you have to do is find the right hotel for you.

Booking a hotel through an operator

There are some advantages to booking your hotel or entire holiday package through a tour operator, for example, everything is done for you which can save you a lot of time but you have to trust that their choice of hotels are suitable and up to standard.

If you intend to travel to one of the major tourist destinations then a tour operator is likely to have some excellent price deals on offer as they will often buy up all or most of the rooms in the main hotels in a major tourist destination. This means you could have access to hotels through an operator that might not otherwise be available if you wanted to make a booking yourself directly with the hotel.

When booking your holiday through an operator it worth checking that they are a licensed ATOL (Air Travel Organiser’s Licence) tour operator then if something goes wrong with any part of the booking you have someone to help you sort it out and won’t have to battle it out on your own. Most companies selling flights must hold an ATOL Licence by law.

Booking a hotel yourself

First of all, the results of any Internet search is likely to bring up at the top of the search all the travel booking companies and operators offering hotels, sometimes even the same hotels at what they say are discounted prices. You can narrow these results by searching for specific criteria, perhaps facilities you would like a hotel to offer or those that cater for children or pets, or who provide entertainment and so on.

Another way of locating hotels online is to go to the websites of airline companies, car rental firms and other travel sites who are likely to have links to hotels at special rates and you can check these out too.

It is also worth checking your credit card company and any loyalty cards you might have as they could have negotiated special deals with hotels in certain areas.

Once you’ve managed to identify several possible hotels that might suit you, read all the online reviews you can find about each one, this will give you a general idea of their popularity and efficiency and could highlight any areas or reasons that might put you off staying there, then locate the hotel’s own website. You will often get a far better price by booking through the hotel’s website directly as the tour operators are usually selling the hotel rooms at a more expensive price than the hotel is as this is how they get their cut.

Once you’ve located the hotel’s own website you can check the small print or the ‘about us’ section of their website to see if your booking is financially protected or not and of course you can email them with any questions you might have, book online directly through their site or even give them a call to negotiate a better price.

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What It Takes To Develop A Travel Portal? What Are The Most Important Things To Take Care?

Developing a good travel portal does not have to be a tough task as it is presumed to be. A well-planned approach can make the task easy for you Borcay hotels.

Make it a step by step activity so that your travel portal is well organized.

Naming Your Domain:

Travel portal development starts with naming your travel domain, which is the exhilarating part. It is so like naming a baby! You would feel this once you start writing down names for your travel portal. Mostly travel portals have a catchy name that is related to travel domain. So, give a name that is a keyword to the travelers and make it relevant to the travel industry, so that travelers remember your portal and come back.

Adding words like travel, trip, booking etc to your domain name can help a lot. Also confirm that you are the only agency with that name, since using similar name as any other travel portal would create confusion to travelers.

Well design your travel portal: Most of the readers are scanners! The look and feel of a website is really important that it can convert the viewers to travelers! Having a great looking travel portal with technology to support it can assure good profit to your travel agency. Make the design pleasing to the eyes of the travelers.

Try to add good visuals to the website. For instance, for a trip to London, add fascinating pictures of big Ben, London eye, clock tower, Diana memorial or Madame Tussauds which might kindle travelers’ interest.

Find & connect with suppliers: Connecting with the suppliers is the fore most important task to concentrate while developing a travel portal.

Travel technology has grown tremendously and for any traveler, booking an enchanting trip to Disney land from any part of the globe is easy enough, but behind the screens, as a travel agency, how do you make it possible if you don’t have a good network of suppliers? Impossible isn’t it?

So connect with as many suppliers as possible to provide the competitive pricing information to your customers which will help them decide the better travel package that suits their needs.

Be up-to-date:

Provide all possible travel information to your customers like maps, travel news, trip advices, travel guides and weather news to ensure that you give exclusive booking experience to them. See to that you integrate your travel portal with internet booking engine so that your customers can book tickets online. Also, your customers get the comfort of booking tickets from their home.

Bring traffic to your portal:

There are countless travel portals across the globe that can provide similar services to the travelers. So, how are you going to make yourself distinct and grab traveler’s attention to your website?

Optimizing your site for search engines is the best choice. Writing keywords & information rich content to your portal can assure you good traffic. There are numerous ways to position your portal in a higher rank with any search engine.

That’s a big topic that you should learn and keep practicing, since SEO should always be an ongoing process. Research it or rather hire a vendor for you!

Finally, it is social networking:

Make your online presence more effective by building links and connecting to all prominent social networking websites. It can work wonders for you. You will get more traffic to your travel portal through link building and more is the possibility that people book tickets through your site!

Vivek Sanghi is a travel technology veteran who creates interesting articles on travel technology and he is a part of ecare Technology Labs. ecare Technology Labs is an offshore Outsourced Product Development & Services company, committed to deliver cost effective solutions to customers with expertise in outsourced product development and custom enterprise application development services through global delivery model.

ecare Technology labs ventured into the technology solutions for hospitality industry by launching next generation online travel booking engine for Small and mid size travel agencies, tour operators and travel management companies in 2009. The services offer an end to end solution to cater all needs of business and deliver the next generation technology for travel commerce.

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2400mg CBD Oil

2400mg CBD Oil

Presently you can purchase CBD Oil direct from the homestead that is hand created with empathy to furnish you with the ideal outcomes.

We are thrilled you’ve picked Hemp Source CBD as your confided in hotspot for CBD Oil without THC. Since we began our business a couple of years prior, CBD Oil without THC keeps on being a top merchant for some reason.


Here is the thing that we get notification from our clients:


  1. “I have to pass a UA at my work environment and will get terminated if there is any hint of THC.”


  1. “I would prefer not to feel high.”


  1. “I need to maintain a strategic distance from any psychosomatic impacts.”


  1. “I am a truck driver and can’t have any THC.”


  1. “I’m a pilot, and there can be no hint of THC in my framework.”


  1. “I need to maintain a strategic distance from any legitimate issues with THC.”


Whatever your purposes behind requiring THC free items, we have you secured.


Our Process:

Everything begins by utilizing the correct hemp remove that is developed and prepared in Oregon. We own our own hemp ranch in Southern Oregon and have extraordinary associations with preparing offices here that give the most ideal thinks and concentrates.


We utilize natural MCT oil (fractionated coconut oil) as a transporter oil alongside natural fundamental oils or terpenes for seasoning, homogenized together effectively with our hemp CBD disengage/concentrate on showing up at the most secure and most useful item conceivable.


What is 2400mg CBD seclude?

  1. 2400mg CBD Oil separate is a pure, glasslike powder that contains 99% unadulterated CBD, so there is no hint of THC present. That is our beginning stage.


  1. CBD separate contains just CBD. All the plant material collected inside the hemp plant, including the oils, waxes, chlorophyll, and more are eliminated, leaving a completed item that is the most flawless type of CBD.


Pick the measure of CBD:


Our CBD Oil without THC comes a one-ounce glass dropper bottle.


Accessible in 500mg, 1200mg, 2400mg per bottle:


 Servings per bottle 30


 Serving size 1 dropper


CBD mg per dropper:


500mg color =16.7mg per dropper


1200mg color = 40mg dropper


2400mg color = 80mg per dropper


All items disseminated by Hemp Source CBD are tried for strength, immaculateness, and consistency. Hemp Source CBD just sells the most noteworthy evaluation CBD items that are natural, contain no pesticides, no remaining solvents, no hefty metals, and no harmful buildup or form.


We take CBD items genuine, thus should you?

Since there are no better CBD items available, and we have the science and items to back it up. As the author of Hemp Source CBD, my objective is flawlessness regarding items consistency, worth, and results. Your wellbeing matters to me!


There is a market overflowed with Hemp Oil and CBD items out there, which incorporates the individuals who need to get rich, and a short rundown of those concentrated on the individuals utilizing the items.

So the thing that matters is this current: It’s consistently thought processes and plans, and it begins by making the best decision for the correct reasons. Serving individuals and clients and having heart behind your items to help individuals locate another option and pathway to better wellbeing. That is us!


The data underneath is intended to direct you through the way toward comprehension CBD and finding the correct items for you and your friends and family.


A Short History of Motorcycles – Harley Davidson and Beyond

fat bike elettrica when the subject is brought up the picture that comes to mind is guys in black leather jackets, motorcycle boots, helmets and gloves straddling a big motorized bike. We think of the guys in West Side Story, the Hell’s Angels, and today’s baby boomers riding their new Harleys.

There are about 200 million motorcycles on the road today. They do not use as much gas as the most efficient car and in some societies are the most popular form of transportation. The biggest motorcycle societies are India, China, Indonesia and Vietnam. They have even made taxis built like a three wheeled motorcycle.

Some people ride motorcycles strictly for pleasure. They take them for trips to the mountains and other rural areas. Urban riders prefer motorcycles because they can ride down the sidewalks if necessary during a traffic jam. There are street legal and non street legal motorcycles.

One of the most well known motorcycle names is Harley Davidson. Two guys (Harley and Davidson, of course) developed the first engine for a motorcycle in 1901 and made it available to the public two years later. The first store opened in Chicago in 1904. Production models were sold there. Four years later the first Harley Davidson for police use was sold in Detroit to their police department. By 1920, Hogs (as these motorcycles are called) is the largest motorcycle dealer in the world with dealers in over 60 countries.

In 1941, the production of the private owner Harley Davidson was stopped because of WWII. It won four production awards during the war. In 1957, Harley celebrated its golden anniversary (50 years).

The Electro-glide debuted in 1965 and is available with an electric start. They merged with AMF in 1969. The stock was repurchased by the company in 1981. The Fat Boy and the Road King both debuted in the 1990’s. in1998, it was the 95th anniversary and the king of motorcycles bought its first plant outside the U.S. (Brazil).

The new millennium was ushered in by the introduction of the Soft Tail (2000) deuce. In 2006 the first dealer opened on mainland China.

109 years after a dream, Harley Davidson is still the preferred brand of most motorcycle riders.

Even small cities have a big motorcycle superstore. Depending on the area, they may specialize in off road racing, snow cross, or pleasure riding. It might seem unusual but even brands that are no longer made are highly prized and costly to purchase. In motorcycles, the most important thing is the expertise of the builder. Smaller and less weighty motor cycles like Suzuki and Yamaha are often called “bikes” because they are smaller, lighter, and easier to use.


Discover the Tricks to SEO Web Site Development!

Are you curious about increasing traffic to your site using SEO web site development? You’ve come to the right place! Here are a few SEO tips to get you started on the path to increased traffic and higher profits.

First, make sure your website is user-friendly. If customers are having trouble with navigating your site or even with finding it, you’re going to run into a serious revenue problem. Combat that by creating a website that has very easy navigation. To get the most out of the search engine robots, design your site in such a way that it’s easy for them to “read”. At the very least, remember that search bots “crawl” your site from left to right, top to bottom. Position your most important information (keyword/keyword phrases) so that they are read both first and last, and are made prominent through headers, sub-headers and bolded text when practical.

Avoid flash movies if at all possible. If you do have them, make sure that your most vital information and messages are contained elsewhere on your site. Many customers have disabled flash on their computers, and so they will not see or hear the sleek message you put into that neat little box.

More tips for SEO web site development include using meta tags on each and every page. The search bots will look at every page of your site, unless of course you have included a “no-follow” rule in your code, so make it easy for them. Although Google doesn’t rely on keyword meta tags anymore to determine what your website is about, other search engines still do, so including keyword and descriptive meta tags can’t hurt and just might help you to rank better in the SERPS.

Are you finding that many of your customers hit the page once, then go away after a few seconds? You might have a page that is not user-friendly. To fix this problem, avoid splash pages if at all possible. The splash page is that pretty little page that says “click here to enter”. Do you really need it, and does it do anything for your business? The answers to that are No, and No. Write interesting and compelling copy that includes the keywords most relevant to your website, provide need-to-know information to your visitors clearly and succinctly, and guide them to the action that you want them to take, whether that action is signing up for a newsletter, completing a survey or making a product purchase.

Avoid banner advertisements. Avoid audio, too. Why? Customers don’t like it nearly as much as you might think they do. Enabling audio might mean a customer won’t come to your site when they are at a shared computer or at work. And banner advertisements should be used sparingly. Keep it sleek and simple, and keep it focused.

To that end, make sure your navigation is easy. It must work in all browsers, so test it in each one, and test it in different window sizes. Avoid drop-down menus and make exploring your site so simple, even a child could do it. One of the best ways to do this is to provide a navigation menu on one side of the screen, or near the top of your web page with very clear headings to direct the customer to wherever they want to go.

SEO web site development is not as hard as it sounds, but it does take some time and research. You can start working with your SEO web design right now by taking these tips to heart!


We are a digital studio dedicated to web technologies, helping startups and SMEs build toward their success.

Build to convert
We understand nurturing site visitors to become customers and clients is a concern to your companies, and we want to assist facilitate that growth as properly.

Built to closing
Blindly following the fashion is high-priced and inefficient; we want to build merchandise that stand the take a look at of time at the same time as you attention on growing your enterprise.

Digital Marketing, Branding, to Software improvement
The message, channels, and product aren’t stand-alone; Businesses shall bloom simplest with the proper product with a properly-aimed message being dispensed via powerful channels.

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We are at the D-Biz
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The Hong Kong Productivity Council (“HKPC”) is the Secretariat of the Distance Business Programme (“D-Biz Programme”) launched by using the Government lately. All information and alertness information referring to D-Biz Programme announced by means of HKPC on its authentic website shall be successful.

Contact us or down load to find out how we are able to assist!

WordPress, Shopify, Custom Built
We can help your corporation layout, expand, implement and preserve your ecommerce technique to transition your commercial enterprise onto th web.

Mobile App
Android, iOS, PWA
Most of ultra-modern be traffic is ate up by means of mobile gadgets. With 5G on the horizon, is our corporation equipped for this alteration?

Reservation and Booking System
Custom constructed to suit you
Better manage consumer float to reduce ready instances and ensure top-quality carrier received through your clients.

Offers and Promotions
E-Coupons, Loyalty Program
The message, channels, and product aren’t stand-on my own; Businesses shall bloom simplest with the right product with a nicely-aimed message being distributed via powerful channels.

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Apache brand
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Sheli Bowmen
I’ve wasted lots of greenbacks checking out other groups, freelancers, and outsource corporations. They realize what they may be doing.

Joseph Cheung
This is an fantastic organisation! I in my view loved the power and the professional help the entire group gave to us.

Hong Kong Based Digital Studio
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East Sun Ind, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong.


How Much Damage Is Your Office Chair Doing to Your Health?

Something we often ignore is the effects that our surroundings will have on our health, along with at work. For most people people, we spend nearly half of of our lives at work so it is important to comprehend wherein you could improve or advantage your fitness and your posture. Poor workplace chairs are one of the maximum common reasons of horrific backs and bad posture, with horrific backs being one of the maximum not unusual grievance from workers, generally inflicting many sick days. We’re exploring how a good deal damage your office chair is doing for your bodily health and how you may avoid inflicting yourself anymore pressure.

There are many specific kinds of chair, from your basic, inexpensive option to executive chairs that do greater damage than you suspect. Here are some design errors that motive problems.

No decrease again assist – located in older patterns and inexpensive options, lower again help is generally now not an option as most are available in portions, the seat and the better lower back relaxation.
No padding at the seat which consequently puts strain at the discs inside the lower lower back.
Fixed backrests, no longer allowing adjustment which places stress at the again muscle tissues.
Fixed armrests can interfere along with your table reach in the event that they restriction how some distance you may pull your chair into your desk, you can discover yourself elevating, leaning and perching to get work executed, that’s in no way excellent on your back.
No top modify-capacity is another commonplace purpose of again pressure, you need so one can adjust your seat to make sure you’re successfully stage together with your table to avoid leaning or accomplishing.

So how will you make certain you maintain your bodily health in take a look at and what to look out for while shopping workplace chairs for your self or on your workplace employees.

Lumbar assist is the most crucial characteristic, first and foremost. A top workplace chair may have lower returned aid, some thing that is regularly over seemed in office chair design. Depending on your budget, you could even buy chairs which have adjustable lumbar guide. The help prevents lower back stress that if no longer taken care of can develop into sciatica.
Adjust-ability is every other key component for an workplace chair. The fine workplace chairs have 5 or greater modifications and don’t simply depend upon the two standard changes – fingers and top. Adjustments on a terrific workplace chair will include adjustment alternatives on lumbar help, wheels, seat top & width and returned aid angle.
Something people neglect as an critical office chair attribute is fabric. The cloth must be breathable to keep away from making the chair hot and uncomfortable, as it can be in use for lots hours. In addition to breathable material, there need to be enough cushion constructed into the chair to deal with. You should no longer be capable of sense the base via the cushioning.
Overall, it simply does pay to put money into an workplace chair instead of to go price range. You aren’t just investing in a greater relaxed enjoy whilst running, however you are investing in your own bodily health, that can be effected through the years if no longer handled well. Paradigm Office Interiors realise this significance, that is why we inventory some of the very great office chairs to healthy all desires and practicalities.


What Are The 3 Most Important Items For A New Prepper To Get Started With?

sn’t this the question of all mystery? What should you start out with? We have been approached by our friends at Organized survival prepper and they posed this question for us to provide our input. You can find it posted here. We are honored to have been included and we hope you are ready for some “stuff”. Grab a drink and some popcorn because this may take a bit.

If you ask five different preparedness folks this question, there is a high possibility you will get five different answers. There are many factors to incorporate into this equation such as the number of people you are preparing for, the region you live in, your skill level (first aid training, self defense, etc.), and last but not least… your budget. So I will not tell you that there is one-size fits all when it comes to preparedness. While there are basics you will need no matter what, the amounts and types will vary for each situation. So let’s get started with what I feel are the top three items for the New Prepper.

Let’s talk about the basic necessities to sustain life; Water, Food, and Shelter. I’m not trying to insult anyone, but you will see where I am going with this. You have the Rule of 3′s in which you can survive 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without securing your body’s core temperature, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food. This is something you can take to the bank, so you should base your decisions on this philosophy. Let’s break down the three categories I have listed:

Water – As you can see you can go approximately 3 days without it. This does not mean that you will immediately die at the end of the third day (because everyone’s physical makeup is different), it means you will deteriorate quickly without it. Water is a commodity and you should treat it as such. Now if you are planning on staying put (if you don’t have to bug out), then you should have an adequate supply of water for you and each person in your family. If you have to leave and are unable to carry a large amount of water with you, then you will need to pre-plan your route to have water sources nearby. The most important part of this is having CLEAN water. Just having water isn’t enough, it needs to be clean. Because water with contaminates or parasites in it will kill you just the same. The inexpensive route for water purification would be drops or tablets. But if you have the funds to spare, a Steripen or Katadyn portable purification system would be great in a bug out bag. While there is a formula of (x) amount of water per person, that usually includes water for hygienic purposes. If survival is the goal here, being groomed for a hot date should be the last thing on your to-do list.

Food – You can go a long time without food. Though it (hunger and malnutrition) will greatly diminish your ability to perform tasks, make good decisions, etc., you can survive without food. We should avoid this at all costs. Stock up little by little in your home. Always remember to rotate your food so you don’t have a bunch of expired goods sitting in your pantry. Again, if a bug-out situation occurs, you will need to have enough food in your gear to sustain each person in your group. High caloric bars and meal packs such as the ones by Wise foods and other companies are good choices due to shelf life. Also, don’t forget that if you live in an area with wildlife, you may want to obtain the necessary tools for hunting and dressing. During times of distress, people start to lose their minds about how they will feed themselves and loved ones. Don’t make this mistake.

Shelter – I consider this and water to be your top priorities. If you live in a region with extreme climate (either heat or cold), you can succumb a lot quicker to the elements more than anything else. Having a stocked closet or bug out bag isn’t going to mean squat if your freeze to death or fall out due to heat stroke. So making sure your home or wherever you plan on riding out the situation is good enough to keep you safe from the elements is a good start. But you also need to have some gear in your go bag if you are going to have to rough it for some time. You can go from a really simple tent that cost less than $10.00 to an extravagant camping hammock that will be over $200.00. This depends on you, your locale, and your situation. You should always have something to keep you warm like an emergency blanket (space blanket) or sleeping bag liner at the least. Also, some sort of a half shelter like a tarp or rain fly would be great to keep you and others dry and out of the elements. One aspect of shelter that is often overlooked is clothing. Keeping extra clothing with you is detrimental for folks in certain locales. In hot and humid areas, wearing cotton will kill you. You will regulate body temp better in synthetics. For cold areas, layering and Gore-Tex are golden. So take the time and study this. It could save your life one day