Advocating Life Insurance – Our Financial Sword and Shield

Our Financial Sword and Shield: How My Family is Protected Against the Unexpected is an unusually relevant, inspirational and practical book.

The author, Rowena Young has clearly worked hard to assemble just the right information to help people – especially women – take the initiative in protecting their families from financial stress if a family breadwinner is struck down.

Easy to read – easy to understand

In a very clear way, this book explains just how life insurance, disability insurance and long-term care insurance are vital to the abundant wealth we all want to create in life. Even if we have relatively high incomes, if they are not insured sufficiently, we are taking great risks.

Imagine having a young, growing family. Both you and your spouse bring home salaries that make ends meet and you are able to afford the mortgage on a nice home. But then suddenly, one of you is accidentally hit by a car and left crippled and blind. What would happen then? How would your financial situation look?

A true advocate of family financial security

Ms. Young has seen it happen all too often among her family members, friends and acquaintances. Loss of life and health can mean the beginning of a life-long struggle to manage on much less income… and this is in addition to all the grief and sorrow people must deal with.

Seeing so much unnecessary risk-taking has driven Rowena to become a dedicated advocate for getting that financial security all families deserve. The book provides honest and clear answers to questions and excuses people may have about insurance.

Talking openly about the excuses, too

Often, women leave the financial side of things up to the man of the house. But perhaps he is just too busy, or does not think about the risks involved when you don’t have life or disability insurance. After all, we never want to think about the bad things that can happen, let alone PLAN that they may happen to US!

Thanks to Rowena’s efforts, many ways of getting past our excuses and procrastination are offered so that we do what we need to for the sake of our families.


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