A Few Benefits of a Blog for SEO

Blogs began to initially become popular in 1999 when a number of companies & developers began to simplify blogging software and tools for the not so web savvy’s ease of use. Since 1999, the number of blogs on the Internet has multiplied from a few thousand blogs to over 100 million Tool-2.

Let me start by advising that your primary reason for blogging should never be just for the search engines. The main purpose of a blog should be for communication and that usually involves people for meaningful communication to take place, just like Google advises on the Google webmaster blog and the Google guide to SEO that content should be written for users not for search engines, a blog should always primarily be for people to read.

However, now I have clarified that point, blogging does have substantial benefits for search engine visibility. A web log is essentially an online journal that allows you to post content both quickly and easily and as the Internet and its uses have evolved so has blogging. Initially blogs were used by individuals as a form of online diary or journal but are now used for a multitude of reasons both by private individuals and businesses.

Essentially a blog is a website that can be used for a variety of reasons and purposes. Content published on a blog is usually arranged in chronological order and for the maximum impact a blog’s content should be regularly updated to encourage search engines spiders to crawl the blog frequently. WordPress has automatic ping so any content published is immediately live on Google all you have to do is click the publish button and it should be live on Google.

You do not need to be competent as a coder or even have knowledge of basic HTML as most blogging platforms and content management systems are as accessible as they can possibly be basically encourage blogging for everyone.

Search engine optimization does utilise blogs though because they can be an effective tool and platform to help achieve search engine ranking. Content on a blog, whether it is a page or a post can often achieve ranking faster than regular websites in the search engine page rankings if the content has been properly optimised for search… A blog is more flexible in a lot of ways compared to a website especially an Ecommerce website that has many products and categories but little opportunity to publish content. It is because it is easier to publish content on a blog than it is on most websites that blogs have began to be utilised and search engines like websites with content that is frequently updated.

Popular blogging platforms include TypePad, Tumbler and of course WordPress. Dependent upon which blogging platform you choose to use host you may even have the option to publish the blog to your existing web host domain as a sub folder which is perfect for solving any problems with a website that it is difficult to add and publish content upon without changing the existing structure. Remember though, the most important thing with any blogging is to just keep on blogging. Some people actually make a very good living from being a blogger and many companies will actually buy a blog if it is popular and they can perceive it will add benefit to a business’s ability to reach potential customers and transmit a message.

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